About Us

Originally, Our Company came into existence due to the determination and vision of Mr. Vijay Ajmera in the year 1992. This Surat-based company has the original name of ‘Vijay Fashion’ at first. Located in one of the most famous and well-known places for textile business. ‘Vijay Fashion’ soon expanded its wings and went from a simple manufacturer of simple sarees to one of the most famous and reliable providers of the Ajmera collections of amazing clothing. The whole journey of our company from ‘Vijay Fashion’ to ‘Ajmera Fashion’ has been quite a long one.

Mission & Vision

We, the backbone of Ajmera Fashion (The professional team) have set our mind towards a single aim of offering the customers style and comfort with our clothing choices. We provide the latest and the most amazing trends of fashion in a simple and easy manner. We aim for a world where confidence, grace, and dignity are the best expressed with the amazing features of beautiful Indian ethnic and modern apparels. Our mission, at Ajmera Fashion, is very much clear.


The strength and the values of Ajmera Fashion are the best things which make us the top contenders in the clothing industry:

  • We believe that hard work is everything. So we have a team of enthusiastic professionals who are creative, supportive and hard-working.

  • Integrity and trust are the OTP of Ajmera Fashion.

  • Responsibility is everything when it comes to Ajmera Fashion.

  • The continuous procedure of correcting and reviewing helps in making great decisions for our company.


We feel an extreme honour to enlist our achievements in here. Ever since the opening of our company, we have been one of the leading names in the clothing world and our achievements certainly prove that. The ‘Biggest Manufacturer in Surat for Quality and Supplier’ award has been bestowed on our company by the President of NCTO Group One, Augustine Tantillo. After this award, we will be a striking example of proper business management, design, manufacturing, and growth.